Research & Development

Striving for innovation

At Applied we work closely with clients to design and customise relevant commercial trials and research studies, with a strong commitment to success. We assist with strategies and solutions to conduct trials of a high calibre. Applied is a strategic partner and resource, ensuring clients achieve their innovation aims and objectives within R&D programmes.

Our accomplished team provide flexible, customised trials and study designs with an emphasis on collaboration throughout all stages of development and execution.

Extensive experience in conducting exploratory research, including proof of concept and large-scale farm-based efficacy trials and models vital for product development and proof of concept.

Applied has large-scale farm sites over a range of locations capable of supporting upstanding research trials with the most up to date welfare technology and trained staff.

Continuous measurement of environments and behaviour is the approach that enables collection of precise and frequent information at a relatively low cost. Whilst having our own specialist real time remote monitoring technology which can operate and analyse data 24/7, we also specialise in product validation, testing new technological innovations and hardware solutions designed to improve welfare, efficiency and productivity.

We have a unique ability to continuously capture and analyse data for interpretation from our tailored scientific data set management systems enabling the provision of measurable outcomes and benefits.

Working with government backed initiatives we are well placed to assist with eligibility criteria and application processes for state funding. We work with leading pharmaceuticals companies, global animal nutrition manufacturers and technology innovators on a wide range of collaborative discovery projects. We pride ourselves on a high degree of integrity and impartiality avoiding any form of conflict.